• R & D and production of high-end products


    With many years of industry experience, the Haipu team is tailor-made for enterprises, allowing your company to stand out from the brutal competition and be invincible.
  • Maximize your benefit


    Focus on high-quality products, let you worry-free in design, production, transportation, installation, after-sales, and ensure that your interests are maximized!
  • Choose our advantages


    1. Quality advantage, professional production design team. 2, service advantages, professional after-sales service. 3. Price advantage, the price of products of the same level is lower.
  • Be responsive


    Able to withstand market inspections, from real-time on-site observations from negotiation to after-sales. Real gold is not afraid of fire, real people are not afraid of appearance

江苏海普 江苏海普 江苏海普 江苏海普
Jiangsu Haipu is a large-scale manufacturer integrating product design, product production, and installation services. It was established in 2009 as a comprehensive manufacturer. With years of practical experience and project accumulation, we serve customers with high standards and high requirements.
With 10 years of hard work and excellence, Jiangsu Haipu people have served tens of thousands of enterprises and benefited millions of people. The team members have more than 7 years of project experience and can grasp the international mainstream style and innovative ideas. At the same time, they have a beautiful and sophisticated design and focus on the user experience to create valuable products and create the perfect solution for the enterprise.

August 2009

In 2009, the company gathered various professional talents to formally establish ...

May 2010

After nearly a year of continuous innovation and exploration and stable development, it has gradually accumulated rich customer resources, and has now served more than 3,000 customers..

July 2013

With the continuous increase of personnel and customer resources, gradually operating to international standards ...

December 2014

It has served more than 8,000 customers, and the company's product research and development efforts continue to increase. Electrical equipment, power equipment ...

October 2016

The products developed by the company have won multiple awards and cooperated with many well-known enterprises ...

May 2017

The company merged with many peers and further expanded the scale ...

February 2018

Purchase of international advanced production lines ...

October 2019

We are still innovating and climbing higher mountains ...